New feature: Rank badge

I've added another nice feature - ability to add your position badge on opencart marketplace or on your website. The badge will track your month to month rank and will display it with the link to your extension on

Here is an example how it would look like:

Nice isn't it?

The badge comes with 3 different colors

  • Red - your extension is in top #10 extensions - it's smoking hot :)
  • Orange - your extension is in top #100 extensions - nice place to be
  • Gray - your extension is outside the top #100 - well keep on hustling

All you need to do is to go to your extension's page, click on the "share?" link next to your rank attribute and follow the instructions in the popup.

Hope it's clear enough, and of course if you have any troubles or questions, please let me know

Nik Chankov
Nik Chankov
a.k.a. nchankov

Nik started creating opencart extensions since 2011. And has more than 20 years experience in Software development.