New feature: Guest Posts

I am pleased to announce a new feature which will allow registered users to write posts on the site.

Every user could write one interview style post, including question-answer style post where he could share how he/she started with Opencart and writing extensions for it. I would really like if some of the experienced developers (why not even the Opencart creator) shared how they stared their journey. This will be stories who could inspire new developers to join Opencart community.

The other post is a normal blog post consisting of title and article body. The user could write as much blog posts as he want, but only if his previous article has been published.

The benefit for the authors is obvious - you could share interesting topic, and in exchange you could place few links to your website or extension's page.

The main topic of the posts should be Opencart, Opencart Extension review or eCommerce in general. The editor support bbcode, similar to Opencart Extension description.

Please contact me if you have any questions or issues with that functionality or the site in general. I am happy to help.

Nik Chankov
Nik Chankov
a.k.a. nchankov

Nik started creating opencart extensions since 2011. And has more than 20 years experience in Software development.