How to claim extension ownership

By claiming your ownership you have few benefits:

  • Ability to create better header of the page with your extensions. Including a link to your website / profile.
  • A guest post on the site related to your opencart extensions.
  • An interview post with structured Q & A style which could include linkst to your website and extensions.
  • More benefits to come...

How to claim ownership of your user

Follow those easy steps

  1. Find your extension or account page by using the search functionality of the site
  2. Click on the link Claim / Owner? Claim it!
  3. On the page you will get instructions how to verify that you are the same user

    1. Get the generated text and place it in the extension's description field in Opencart site.
    2. Once you do this, go back to that page and click verify button
    3. If the string is on your page's description and we can verify it you will be given a way to register an account on our website
    4. Once you register you can edit your details straight away.

Nik Chankov
Nik Chankov
a.k.a. nchankov

Nik started creating opencart extensions since 2011. And has more than 20 years experience in Software development.