03 September 2020 Writing Opencart extensions with events

In this post you will understand how to write module/extension with events.Since Opencart the ocmod file modifications doesn't modfy the templatesand therefore if you have some changes in your extension, which need to modifythe opencart files, they wont be applied. So the only way to add menu or extrajavascript or css is through events.There are benefits and limitations about the events. The most import importantchange is that you will not change the file, but you can modify the data pas...

24 June 2020 Store admin - separate admin for each store

Opencart can support multiple store. But its admin panel in centralized. If you want different administrator for different store then "Store admin" extension is what you need. Using the extension you can create separate user for managing individual store. For any multi store site, this is a must have extension.View youtube video to learn more

06 June 2020 New feature: Rank badge

I've added another nice feature - ability to add your position badge on opencart marketplace or on your website. The badge will track your month to month rank and will display it with the link to your extension on extensioncart.comHere is an example how it would look like:Nice isn't it?The badge comes with 3 different colorsRed - your extension is in top #10 extensions - it's smoking hot :) Orange - your extension is in top #100 extensions - nice place to be Gray - your extension is outside th...

02 June 2020 Interview with the owner

Hey! My name is Nik and I am software consultant for more than 20 years. I have experience with multiple eCommerce solutions including Opencart, Prestashop, Magento and even built one bespoke in the past when most of the opensource solutions were missing.I've been working with Opencart since 2010 and I've created my first extension in early 2011, originally named "Bulk Product Edit" and now renamed Instant Product Editor (IPE), which since then is one of the bestsellers in the Marketplace.It wa...

19 May 2020 New feature: Guest Posts

I am pleased to announce a new feature which will allow registered users to write posts on the site.Every user could write one interview style post, including question-answer style post where he could share how he/she started with Opencart and writing extensions for it. I would really like if some of the experienced developers (why not even the Opencart creator) shared how they stared their journey. This will be stories who could inspire new developers to join Opencart community.The other post i...

18 September 2020 Why this site was created

So, if you've landed here wondering why this site exists at all, I will tell you. It was build because I was frustrated from te official Opencart Marketplace search functionality. But also I wanted to research the competiiton as I am extension developer and I wanted to know how the competition performs.

18 September 2020 How to claim extension ownership

By claiming your ownership you have few benefits: Ability to create better header of the page with your extensions. Including a link to your website / profile. A guest post on the site related to your opencart extensions. An interview post with structured Q & A style which could include linkst to your website and extensions.