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10 October 2020
Twig fix

After version released on July 18, 2020 modifications of the existing twig templates were not possible, and this resulted on multiple requests from customers that my extensions are not installed in the latest version of the shop.Finally I got some time to investigate what was the problem there.You see, Opencart uses twig, but it uses it's own ocmod file called modifications.xml in system which addsthe path where templates are located. In that modification it adds the additional template...

03 September 2020
Writing Opencart extensions with events

In this post you will understand how to write module/extension with events.Since Opencart the ocmod file modifications doesn't modfy the templatesand therefore if you have some changes in your extension, which need to modifythe opencart files, they wont be applied. So the only way to add menu or extrajavascript or css is through events.There are benefits and limitations about the events. The most import importantchange is that you will not change the file, but you can modify the data pas...

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